Joint Educational Programs

TJU-UD Public Health Programs

Exciting opportunities exist for students in Jefferson’s School of Population Health, which offers master’s degrees in health policy and public health. The University of Delaware has established an undergraduate minor in public health and is planning to expand offerings in partnership with TJU. This program provides opportunities for joint teaching and shared internship or practicum experiences between the campuses.


The Delaware Institute for Medical Education and Research (DIMER) is critical to the overall expansion of the pipeline of health professionals, and is an essential complement to the establishment of the Jefferson Clinical Campus in Delaware. Currently, DIMER enables Jefferson to educate up to twenty Delaware residents each year. In 2009, thirty Delawareans were admitted, representing 11% of Jefferson’s new class and the largest number of Delawareans in the program’s history.

Medical Scholars Program

This unique premedical/medical eight-year academic program is jointly sponsored by the University of Delaware and the Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University. The program provides students with a balanced education in liberal arts, sciences, and professional studies. The curriculum not only includes the traditional courses in the life/physical sciences but also the opportunity to specialize in one of three areas related to medicine dealing with bioethics, administration and public policy, or translational research. Small group discussions, problem-based instruction, and practicum experiences in clinical/institutional settings are special aspects of the program.

TJU-CCHS Human Genetics & Genetic Counseling Program

The Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling MS program will provide students integrative education and training to become compassionate and knowledgeable genetic counselors.

Pharmacy Degree

Under this dual degree program, students spend three years at UD’s Newark campus followed by four years at the Jefferson School of Health Professions, earning a biology B.S. degree in pharmaceutical sciences from UD and a doctorate in pharmacy from Jefferson. For Jefferson School of Pharmacy students, experiential education is an integral component of the curriculum. Students spend up to 50% of their time in community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, ambulatory care facilities such as infusion centers, retail chains and pharmaceutical companies. The state of Delaware has a wealth of training sites in all these areas as well as a demonstrated need for more pharmacists. The availability of these clinical experiences in Delaware will increase the attractiveness of the joint TJU-UD pharmacy program to in-state students, further enhancing the power for pharmacy in the state.

Healthcare Theatre Program

A course has been developed where nursing students will be placed in simulated hospital situations and work with theater students who have been trained as standardized patients and patient family members. Students mock ‘real life’ scenarios to assess the medical and communication skills of student health care providers.

Occupational Therapy Degree

This program is a cooperative agreement between UD and the Jefferson School of Health Professions. Students can earn both the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and the Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in five and a half years. Students will spend the first three years at UD and then proceed to TJU for the final two and a half years of graduate Occupational Therapy coursework. The B.S. in Health Studies from University of Delaware will be awarded after successful completion of the first year at Jefferson School of Health Professions. The M.S. in Occupational Therapy degree from Thomas Jefferson University will be awarded after successful completion of the final year at Jefferson School of Health Professions.